ఈ సంస్థ ఎటువంటి (మతపరమైనటువంటి) ఇతర సంస్థలకు సంబంధించింది కానీ, అనుబంధమైనది కానీ కాదు. ఇది పూర్తిగా స్వచ్చంద సేవకోసం స్థాపించబడినది......

Fruits distribution at Koti Maternity Hospital, Hyderabad

Hi All,

We have successfully completed Fruits Distribution at Govt Maternity Hospital, koti.

*With our fruits distribution 180 members are benefited.* *We distributed 3 pomegranate fruits to each patient to habituate healthy food.*

 *Volunteers Participated:*

Dhanesh & Sneha,
Hima Bindu,

Thanks to all the donors and volunteers who are the reason for successfulness of activity.

Special thanks to sahithi and her friends. Every month she pickup new volunteers.

Annam Parabrahmam Team,

Register here to become a Blood Donor

Atmosphere is filled with huge amount of heat🔥and blood in blood banks are empty👎🏻💉

*We optimistic people need to show our positive attitude*😇 by sharing blood to needy in emergency cases🚑

*Lets put a step forward👣 to help our friends👬*

Kindly respond for our emergency blood requests🚑Appreciate your cooperation👏🏻

*Interested Blood Donors please fill this form*

Team Save life
Amma Social Welfare Association

Sri Keerthana Foundation at lb nagar on 27.5.2018

Hi all,

With all your support today i.e 27-05-2018 we have successfully completed oldage home visit in sri Keerthana foundation at lb nagar , hasthinapuram
Total Volunteers  participated *8* Members .

The home has *80* old age and mentally challenged peoples.

It was a awesome feeling to spend time with them and they felt very happy

We distributed fruits,biscuits and money for lunch

Thank for all volunteers 
Mani Kumar
Anil Chintala
Savithri Santhosh
Jalajakshi Eluri

ASWA appreciating you and Say's great thankful to success this event

Share & Care Team   .co.in


*It's time to extend your POSSIBLE FINANCIAL HELP to our NOBLE DEEDS.*

A great opportunity to the people who can't  spend time for the society.

Running an association for 10 years purely with VOLUNTARY SUPPORT is most amazing thing, not so easy though.

*In this process we realized that any amount we spend to motivate PEOPLE and HAVING their VALUEBLE TIME for helping society, has value of more than 1000 times what we actually spent.*

*So decided to HONOUR every one who PLAYED a KEY ROLE in this noble journey. They are assets to the society. Taking care of & preserving those assets is our prime responsibility.*

Amma Social Welfare Association (ASWA)

ASWA వారి దశమ వార్షికోత్సవ పోటీలు - కథ, కవిత, వాస్తవిక సంఘటన - ఎవరైనా పాల్గొనవచ్చును


*ASWA వారి దశమ వార్షికోత్సవ పోటీలు - కథ, కవిత, వాస్తవిక సంఘటన - ఎవరైనా పాల్గొనవచ్చును*

మానవ సేవే మాధవ సేవగా నమ్మి, 27.04.2008 నుండి గత పదేళ్లుగా అనేక కార్యక్రమాల ద్వారా సమాజ సేవ చేస్తూ, పలువురికి ప్రేరణగా నిలుస్తున్న “ అమ్మ స్వచ్చంద సేవా సమితి (అశ్వ)” వారు రానున్న వారి దశమ వార్షికోత్సవం సందర్భంగా దిగువ విభాగాల్లో సాహితీ పోటీలు నిర్వహించదలచారు.

1. *కధ* - చదువరుల మనసుకి హత్తుకుని, సేవ చెయ్యాలన్న సంకల్పాన్ని వారి మనస్సులో కూడా నాటగల చక్కని అంశంతో కూడుకున్న కధలు ఈ పోటీకి పంపవచ్చు. కధ a4 సైజులో నాలుగు పేజీలు  మించకూడదు. కధతో పాటుగా మీ చిరునామా, ఫోన్ నెంబర్, హామీపత్రం కూడా తప్పనిసరిగా జోడించాలి.

2. *కవిత* - ప్రేరణాత్మకమైన మంచి కవితలను రాసి పంపవచ్చు. కవిత నిడివి 30 పంక్తులకు మించకుండా ఉండాలి. కవితతో పాటుగా మీ చిరునామా, ఫోన్ నెంబర్, హామీపత్రం కూడా తప్పనిసరిగా జోడించాలి.

3. *వాస్తవిక సంఘటన* - నిజ జీవితంలో ఒక్కోసారి అనుకోకుండా మనకు ఇతరులకు సహాయపడే/సేవ చేసే అవకాశం లభించినప్పుడు, వారి దీవెనలు, ఆశీర్వచనాలతో, చెప్పేందుకు భాష చాలనంత ఆత్మ తృప్తితో ఉప్పొంగిపోతాము. మీ నిజ జీవితంలో జరిగిన అటువంటి సన్నివేశాలను చిన్న వ్యాసంగా మాకు రాసి పంపండి. ఇతరులకు ప్రేరణ కలిగించండి. నిడివి a4 లో రెండు పేజీలకు మించకూడదు.  సంఘటనతో పాటుగా మీ చిరునామా, ఫోన్ నెంబర్, హామీపత్రం కూడా తప్పనిసరిగా జోడించాలి.

*మీ రచనలను పంపవలసిన ఆఖరు తేదీ –మే 10.*

Word డాక్యుమెంట్ గా మీ రచనలను పంపాలి. (Unicode –google input tools – Unicode fonts)

ఒకరు ఒక విభాగంలోనే రచనలను పంపాలి.

*రచనలను పంపాల్సిన ఈమెయిలు - Sub : 10th Anniversary Competition* amma.aswa@gmail.com

*ప్రతి విభాగంలోనూ మూడు బహుమతులు ఉంటాయి. బహుమతి పొందిన రచనలను ASWA వారి వార్షికోత్సవ సావనీర్లో ప్రచురిస్తారు. అంతే కాక, దశమ వార్షికోత్సవ సంబరాల్లో విజేతలందరికీ మా విశిష్ట అతిధులచే వేదికపై సత్కారం, జ్ఞాపికను  కూడా అందించడం జరుగుతుంది.*


అమ్మ స్వచ్చంద సేవా సమితి (అశ్వ)
Whatsapp : 9948885111

Happy Birthday ASWA - A DECADE

*Happy Birthday ASWA - A DECADE*

Still remember the thoughts before initiation of ASWA. It's a dream come true. A long and successful journey with lots of learnings and satisfaction.

*Credit goes to Every Volunteer, Donor, Member who come forward to take up the responsibility at different levels. Thank you TEAM & it's not possible without YOU*

ASWA is a volunteer organization committed *"To see society as a happy and healthy place to live where every individual involving in creating sustainable social environment”.*

*ASWA is running only on volunteer’s time spent in weekends, including Founder. We motivate volunteers emphasizing “to do something to others is not a social service, it’s our social responsibility”.*

Initially, the organization was a one man army and I did everything from idea generation and planning to implementation and review. Gradually, I began to meet people interested in social service, motivated them and guided them to lead the different initiatives. *Now it's running on its values, principles and ethics”.*

*I am very happy to say that ASWA is one of the best associations which work with the underprivileged at the ground level with very minimal voluntary resources. ASWAs commitment for accountability and transparency helped to build trust among the community of Donors, Volunteers and stakeholders. We believe the power of human relationships and working as a family. These values helped us to create a vibrant space and to run several projects continuously over a period of time without any paid volunteers.*

Expecting your much more ACTIVE PARTICIPATION to create a positive and sustainable change in the society...

*Pl do SPEND AN HOUR in a Month...IF NOT NOW, WHEN ???*

Love all - Serve all
Amma Sreenivas
Founder President

An Article about OUR FOUNDER and ASWA in 2 Telugu States

dear All,

Kindly find the attached article In Yesterdays (Wednesday 4.4.2018) Andhra Jyothi NAVYA of 2 Telugu States you can see a NEWS ARTICLE about Me & Amma Social Welfare Association (www.aswa.co.in)

You can read the info in clear in the link tooo : http://www.andhrajyothy.com/artical?SID=559305

Smiling, Sharing, Loving, Caring and Helping are my five main weaknesses

28th Blood Donation Camp on 21-Jan-2018 @ Panjagutta - Update

Dear Kind Hearts,
We extend our sincere thanks to you for your participation and Blood Donation in our 28th  Blood Donation  camp @ Smart Steps Consulting Private Limited , Punjagutta  on 21st Jan 2018  conducted by Amma Social Welfare Association (ASWA) .

we get Stupendous response for this Blood camp.  In this camp 150 members participated and 83 donors Donated Blood  Another most significant thing in this  Blood Donation  Camp is record no of students  and women volunteers  participated and Donated Blood .
On the Blood Camp Day @ 10 AM to 11.30 AM , ASWA conducted Blood Donation  and Thalassemia awareness 2K RUN . 30 volunteers participated and motivated many people in Punjagutta.

   Our Special Thanks to : 
  •   Venkata rama reddy   , Additional SP, Lokayukta 
  •   SmartSteps Consulting Private Ltd, Panjagutta,
  •   Intense Technologies , Vikrampuri.
  •   Blood Donors and Volunteers .

 *  All Volunteers and  Donors  , Your generosity has been the hope and courage for thousands of children who suffer from Thalassemia. Thanks to your support, those with Thalassemia now continue to lead complete and full lives. All barriers have been brought down, and continue to be brought down, and many Thalassemic patients go on to do extraordinary things!

* Check your Blood Group in Attached List *

For more details  about ASWA and  Blood Donation please contact below numbers
Srinivasarao  9948885111 
Naresh 9666664562
Anil  9666526698

Article About ASWA in Today's (21st March, 2018-Wednesday) Hyderabad District Special

*Article About ASWA in Today's (21st March, 2018-Wednesday) Hyderabad District Special...*

*Join as a Volunteer by spending just 1 hour in a month.*


3 Sessions at GBE Primary School on every Monday from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM -- 12/6/2017 to 17/7/2017

Hi all,

We have successfully conducted 3 sessions from 12/6/2017 to 17/7/2017 at GBE school, Balkampet from 9am to 11:30am. Please find the highlights of the session below:

Session: 1  [ 12/06/2017]

1. Total 10 children's came today including 2 new admission.
2. Asked the children's about their summer vacations. 
3.conducted 5 games.
4. Distributed chocolates. 

Volunteers participated:
1. Archana 
2. Dhanesh. 

 Session: 2  [ 19/06/2017]

1. Introduction about ASWA, myself and purpose of conducting sessions 
2.Taken attendance and contact numbers. 
3. Told children's to write achulu and hallulu, checked and corrected the mistakes.
4. Told 2moral stories and few funny riddles. 
5. Discussed with volunteers about conducting sessions in my absence.
6. Total 26 Children's participated today.

 Volunteer participated:

1. Saraswati (GBE alumni) 
2. Vyshnavi
5. Dhanesh.

   Session: 3  [ 19/07/2017]
1.      Made note of the student attendance made seating arrangements.
2.      Wrote Guninthalu on the black board and explained each of them to the students
3.      Verified their Home Work
4.      Explained about Guninthalu.
5.      Requested the children to write Guninthalu
6.      Narrate two moral stories & asked them to explain the morals towards the end.

 Volunteers (5).

1.      Archana
2.      Apoorva (Archana Friend)
3.      Lalitha (Archana Friend)
4.      Vyshnavi K
5.      Ramoji K

No sessions were conducted on 26/6/2017,  10/7/2017  & 17/07/2017 due to Ramzan and Bonalu holidays.

Please give your valuable suggestion in this regard.

For more details please contact me on 8885290990 or Haritha on  9949789229.

Vikas Project leader.
Love all- Serve all.

From: amma-social-welfare-association@googlegroups.com [mailto:amma-social-welfare-association@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of Dhanesh Khakkar
Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 10:27 PM
To: amma-social-welfare-association@googlegroups.com
Subject: <Back to Basics & Values> Regular Monday Sessions at GBE Primary School-- 12/6/2017

Hi all,

With the help of  Donors and Volunteers, we have been successfully conducting Regular Weekly Sessions in Govt. Boys Elementary School(GBES), Balkampet from the last 5 years and we are moving forward to 6th year. 

This year 2017-18 also we are continuing our efforts with more enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers team. 

we are inviting you to join with us and help us in conducting sessions successfully.


GBE school
opp.Nature cure Railway station,
near Balkampet temple.
S.R nagar.
Time:  9am to 11:30 Am

For more details please contact me on 8885290990  or Haritha- 9949789229.

If you can spend just "1 HOUR" in a Month, you will become a member


Help: 9948885111 / 9666664562 / 9494567367
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11th & 12th Session in GBES Primary School, Bulkampet, Hyderabad 16 & 23rd 16.10.20

Hi all,

We have successfully completed 11th and 12th weekly sessions on 16/10/2017 and 23/10/2017.

Please find the highlights of the session
11th session: 16/10/2017

11th regular weekly session at GBE school, balkampet from 9am to 12:00 noon. 
Please find the highlights of the session:

1. Taken attendance.
2. Collected the project work alloted before holidays
3. Asked the children's reasons for not completing the task. 
4. Gifts distributed to regular children's and to those who has done project in the month of August.
5. Divided the children's into 5 groups. Named the groups. Given them 5 mins time to discuss what they have done in holidays.
6. Each children's told the same. 
7. Alloted the tasks as writing names of vegetables, fruits, birds, animals and flowers in Telugu and English.
8. Wrote to poems on the board, explained about that and told them to read and come next week.

Volunteers participated:
1. Vyshnavi 
2. Ramoji 
3. Dhanesh

12th session: 23/10/17

12th regular weekly session at GBE school from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 
Please find the highlights of the session:
1. Taken attendance and seating arrangement.
2. Few alumni children's came to school. They met us. With our request they shared their experience of how our sessions were useful to them.
3. Divided children's into  four groups.
4. Gave them 15min time to write names of vegetables, fruits, colours and animals.
5. Every one participated in the group and told around 12 to 15 names. 
6. Explained them about types of ottulu with examples.
7. Introduction of new volunteer (sirisha) and her participation certificate.

Volunteers participated:
1. Sirisha (new volunteer)
2. Sujatha
3. Archana.
4. Dhanesh.

I want to thank all the volunteers for their active participation and making this events a great success.

Please give your valuable suggestions in this regard.

For more details Please contact me on- 8885290990 or Haritha on- 9949789229

Project leader,
Vikas primary,

Session in GBES Primary School, Bulkampet, Hyderabad

Hi all,

We have successfully completed 2 weekly sessions on 11/12/2017 & 18/12/2017 at GBE school, Balkampet, opp. nature cure Railway station from 9am to 11:30 am.

Please find the highlights of the session

17th session: 11/12/2017

17th regular weekly session at GBE school from 9am to 11:30 am. 

<![if !supportLists]>1.      <![endif]>Taken attendance and seating arrangement.

<![if !supportLists]>2.      <![endif]>Checking of homework and revision of last week.

<![if !supportLists]>3.      <![endif]>Explained about Indoor and outdoor games along with numbers of players required and famous players for respective games.

<![if !supportLists]>4.      <![endif]>Conducted Catch the bunny game. This games was really enjoyed by all the children's.

I want to thank Ambrish for his participation and helping me in conducting session effectively.

Volunteer participated:


18th session: 18/12/2017

18th regular weekly session at GBE school from 9am to 11:30 am. 

Please find the highlights of the session.

1. Taken attendance and seating arrangement.

2. Checking of homework.

3. Revision of G. K questions.

4. Sujatha taught them 2 poems related to Mother and Festivals, which children's enjoyed very much. 

5. Divided the children's into 8 groups. Each group contains 4 members for team building activities.

6. In this activity children have to select one picture and they need to draw and complete the picture with the help of all members. 

Volunteers participated:

1. Sujatha.
2. Ramoji 
3. Vyshnavi.
4. Sneha.
5. Dhanesh.

Please give your valuable suggestions in this regard.

For more details please contact me on 8885290990.

Project leader,
Vikas primary,
Love all-serve all.

24th Session in GBES Primary School, Bulkampet, Hyderabad

Hi all, 

Yesterday we have successfully completed our 24th regular weekly session at GBE school, balkampet from 9am to 11:30 am.

Please find the highlights of the session:

1. Taken attendance and seating arrangement.

2. Gave children's revision time for half an hour.

3. This time we have divided Annual exam in 2 parts.  A). G. K exam.  B) General exam.

4. Today we have conducted G. K exam. 

5. Children's wrote exam very well.

6. Next week we are conducting final exam for the topics which we taught whole year.

Thanks to volunteers for their participation and making this event a great success.

Volunteers participated:

1. Sujatha 
2. Sneha.
3. Dhanesh.

Please give your valuable suggestions in this regard.


25th Session in GBES Primary School, Bulkampet, Hyderabad

Hi all,

Today I have successfully completed our 25th regular weekly session at GBE school, balkampet from 9am to 11:30am.

Please find the highlights of the session:

1. Taken attendance and seating arrangement.

2. Conducted The annual exam for the topics which we taught whole year.

3). 25 children's wrote the exam.

4. With the next week gift distribution event we will be completing our 6 year in GBE school.

Volunteers participated:


Please give your valuable suggestions in this regard.

For more details please contact me on 8885290990.


Career Guidance Session - GHS, Kalvakurthi

Today Raghavendra garu conducted career guidance session in Govt municipal high school, Kalvakurthi and distributed booklets to 60 students

Career Guidance Session @ mogallu,polamuru and korukollu

Our Volunteer Mr. Adinarayana successfully completed career Guidance session for 240 students of the villages mogallu,polamuru and korukollu  ZPHS Schools of West godavari district, AP

SRUJANA Magazine released in 2016


Magazine designed and released by AMMA SOCIAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION (ASWA) in 2016 with the stories, poems, drawings etc of children from Govt Schools, where we are working. Nice efforts by Team.

Click in the link for PDF to see students work

Amma Sreenivas

10వ తరగతి తరువాత వున్న వివిధ రకాల అవకాశాలు - PDF


10వ తరగతి తరువాత వున్న వివిధ రకాల అవకాశాలను వివరిస్తూ అమ్మ స్వచ్చంద సేవా సమితి (www.aswa.co.in) వారు ఒక బుక్లెట్ తయారు చేసి *2 రాష్ట్రాలలో దాదాపుగా 600 ప్రభుత్వ పాఠశాలలో 60000 మంది  విద్యార్థులకు పంపిణీ చేయడం మీకు తెలిసిన విషయమే.*

ఇంకా ఎక్కువ మంది విద్యార్థులను, వారి తల్లిదండ్రులను చేరుకోవడం కోసం ఈరోజు ఇదే *బుక్లెట్ ను సభ్యులందరికి నూతన సంవత్సర (ఉగాది) కానుకగా PDF రూపంలో* అందించడం జరిగింది.

*ASWA 10 సంవత్సరాలుగా నెలకు 1 గంట సమయం లేదా 100/- ఆర్ధిక సహాయం చేస్తున్న కార్యకర్తలతోనే* పేద విద్యార్థుల చదువుకు ఆర్ధిక సాయం, రోగ గ్రస్థులకు మెడికల్ సపోర్ట్, రక్తదాన శిబిరాలు, అన్నదాన కార్యక్రమాలు, ప్రభుత్వ పాఠశాలలో వారం వారం తరగతుల నిర్వహణ, ఆశ్రమాల సందర్శన-సాయం, ఫ్లడ్ రిలీఫ్ లాంటి ఎన్నో కార్యక్రమాలు చేస్తున్న సంగతి మీకు తెలిసినదే.

*మీరు ఈ యజ్ఞంలో ప్రత్యక్షంగాను, పరోక్షంగాను భాగస్వాములు కావొచ్చును. ASWA కు మీ సహాయ సహకారాలు అందించవచ్చును.*

మరిన్ని వివరాలకు 

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